IMG_1913E Dan Smith III

Somehow over the last few years with a lot of help from mentors, friends, family and community, I have been fortunate enough to write a few books and meet many people on the path to WE Consciousness.

In my heart, I know humanity is rising to meet it’s challenges andĀ evolve into something beautiful beyond anything we can imagine. It’s that knowing which guides me everyday to presence everyone I meet in the Heart, and to offer the MysterE School to anyone who is authentically ready to explore the Absolute Yes of their human potential.

Above all, my life is dedicated to serving humanity by offering real solutions for communities to thrive in the Heart. Perhaps my greatest passion is designing, building and conducting ceremonial practice in labyrinths.

I’m in incredible gratitude for the great blessings I enjoy in Boulder, Colorado at the River House MysterE School, and witnessing my three daughters express themselves in beautifully empowering ways.