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Myster Eternal (E Smith) is an Evolutionary Guide.

He founded EASEup, Life is Heart to co-create simple, effective and joyful opportunities for people to step into joy, purpose and authentic love. He guides people into their heart’s desire in vision quests, community living and community forgiveness projects, helping them ReFrame their lives to discover and share magnificent gifts.

He utilizes Evolutionary Forgiveness practices to assist people in opening their hearts to the magic and joy which is ever-present.

He is available for Skype sessions, and individual healing sessions at his home in South Boulder, Colorado.

The latest coaching offering is The MysterE School - experiential learning for adults who desire to use conscious enterprise, artistic expression and communal alchemy to accelerate evolutionary shifts in humanity.

He is an author with three published books to date: Ride The Vision of Your Life, The Evolutionary Guidebook, and ReFrame - released 4/16/14. A fourth book, Give Her What She Wants – Radical Empowerment Guide for Men in the Age of Feminine Leadership, is in the works due for release December 21, 2014.

He creates outdoor sacred works of art, including wishing wells, forgiveness labyrinths, hiking trails and gardens: altars designed to alter perspective and open the heart.

E is a public speaker, with experience in speaking to groups of up to 1,000. His message is one of living from the Heart, forgiveness, authentic leadership, sustainability, efficiency and compassion. He knows humanity is capable of ReFraming all our current challenges into great gifts for global peace, sustainability and health.

He is the father of three extraordinary daughters and marvels at their gifts, courage and spirit as they navigate life from the heart.

He remains accessible, and invites your inquiry.

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