Community Forgiveness Labyrinths

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Pencil Preliminary Sketch

In October 2013, EASEup, Life is Heart partnered with the Jefferson Center for Mental Health to construct a labyrinth for the benefit of the community. Forty-four volunteers completed the labyrinth in one day!

The project was initiated by Maribeth Flanagan, Family Health & Wellness Coordinator. She partnered with EASEup, Life is Heart, and after several meetings we settled on a simple design of brick and grass.

Our shared intention was to bring our communities together to offer a place for people of all walks of life to better experience themselves as whole and centered by walking the labyrinth.

The community build was a fantastical experience… a Hero’s Journey of sorts. We conducted ceremony… moved through obstacles and resistance… opened our hearts and experienced the power of community to make a difference in the world. Everyone learned group and individual lessons.

Labyrinths have been used for centuries to help people along the pathway of life. They are a simple, and highly effective way for people find relaxation, inspiration, stability and new vision for life.

EASEup, Life is Heart has built many many labyrinths… and would love to bring the experience to you. Please call 303-229-3326 for more information.















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